Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Follow the Bunny

Thump is the coolest rabbit in town. We let him out on the deck to play this afternoon, which he happily did. After a few laps back and forth along the length of the deck,

he decided to stretch out and relax, much to the dogs' chagrin. Knowing from experience that he is safe when separated from them by a gate or fence, he didn't seem to even notice that they were watching him intently from a few feet away.

Seeing that he was chill and happy, we went inside the house and busied ourselves with other things. After a while, I heard the dogs running back and forth, playing as they normally do. When I looked out the window to see what they were up to, I discovered that Thump had ventured into their area and was being nudged and licked by them. They know that he is part of the family and that they are to treat him gently...thankfully. He seemed undaunted by the whole encounter, albeit a little wet and slobbery.


Anonymous said...

Licked or basted? Lol


Susan Anderson said...

You're running quite a menagerie over there!