Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Value of Hard Work

Remember my whine about weeds a few weeks ago? There's an endless supply here. Some of them are pretty with flowers and totally harmless... Others, well...not so much. My favorites to hate are the ones that produce stickers of various sorts and sizes, stickers that all need to be removed from the dogs. 


Thanks to Ryan who came up for a couple of days to work. Notice the black "boot". He broke his ankle playing rugby in the All-American tournament. It hasn't stopped him from working hard. 

 Treating it just like a rugby scrum!

Good-bye weeds.

Ryan:1, Weeds:0.

I'm glad that Luke also recognizes the value of hard work. It was great to read his first email from the Missionary Training Center and hear his excitement for the hard work that is facing him.

These are great young men. 

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