Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love These Mountains

I went hiking this morning with my friend, Kelly. It was perfect for me... a beautiful morning, good conversation with a friend, and a slow leisurely pace that allowed me to see things I don't see when my only goal is to get to the top.

 I haven't done one of these abstracts for a while... the light was just right on the rich green forest floor.

The trail was many different leaves, so many different flowers. In California I would have known the names of all of them...a gift from my I know almost none of their names. 

I've never seen these before, but as you'll soon see, I was a bit obsessed with them...little fuzzy curly good a name as any, no? (VK, I need your mountain boy to help me!)

On the brink of fall, there are interesting seed pods everywhere you look.

The first tiniest signs of fall colors on the maples.

And yet, there's still lots of summer color in them thar hills!

It's a steep trail for hikers, and even steeper (in my opinion) for bikers! Some people get all bent out of shape that dirt bikers use the trails, but so long as they are respectful of the trails and the hikers on them, I don't mind. If I were a slightly more skilled rider, I'd be right out there with them. 

 This purple gem...

...and this one...

  ...and this one are all the same plant in different stages...AND what's even more interesting is that when mature, the blossom looks like a tiny white daisy. Who'da thunk?

Kelly holding up the Wyld ale bottle that someone dumped on the trail ... and it's organic beer ... so much for keeping the environment pure ... pick up your trash, people!

Thanks for hanging with me, Kelly!

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Susan Anderson said...

Looks like a fun hike with your friend...And some good pics, too!

(Some of that vegetation is really unusual and cool.)