Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blurred Vision

Does a picture, whether in my mind or in the literal sense of a photo or painting, have to be perfectly clear or sharply in focus for me to know what it is?

Whether sharp or not, I still know a grassy field when I see it.

I don't need to see the yellow of the blossoms to know what these flowers are. 

I don't need to see every wheaten grain to see the whole of it... 

...nor each daisy petal.

Would my vision be clearer if I were a bird on a wire?

Even in the darkness, light can be found....like in this barn with its smell of fresh cut bales of hay. 

From above, light streams in between the cracks in the boards...and reveals the necessary details. 

Can we have too much light? Can we have too much knowledge about any one thing? Sometimes it seems that way, but perhaps it's really too many questions, not enough answers and thus we are overwhelmed by the details.

We can become ensnared by the barbed wire of indecision, poor choices and the things that bind us up.

 When we feel like the walls are falling down around us...

it would be nice to compartmentalize our lives...into neat little boxes...

...or to separate ourselves from the harsh realities. 

We can always look upward for light and clarity. It is always there if we but act...

Or we can sit idly by, waiting to be acted upon... but our spirits run the risk of being overcome by opportunistic weeds if we do. 

Sometimes the details are too much and we can't make order of them. 
The big picture is good enough for me. I'm grateful for the big picture.


Susan Anderson said...

What a great post. This should be one of those little gift books!


Pam said...

I agree with Sue! Wonderful pictures, extremely thought provoking words.