Monday, August 29, 2011

Safety Before Fashion

I'm certain that my hubby doesn't love the idea of this photo being posted on my blog, but such is life. Working on the roof of the studio is no joking matter. At its pinnacle, the roof is approximately 45 feet above the ground, and at its lowest point, it's still about 13 feet. Needless to say, a fall would be dangerous, if not disastrous. So, although he looks like a dangling monkey when he's all harnessed up, I'm glad that he's safe and I can still laugh at (with) him.

Love you, honey!


Susan Anderson said...

That man has some major skills, doesn't he?


Vern said...

I'm glad your husband took one for the team because that picture is fantastic!

anitamombanita said...

Sue and Vern, doesn't it just make you love the guy?! Talented AND funny AND willing to go along with whatever I need. LOL