Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Serenity

Flopping down for a nap on a blanket on nice soft grass in the park is not a bad way to spend Sunday afternoon. 
Seen this photo before? As always, when we go anywhere in the car, Albert needs to see where we're going.
Once we arrived, and the dogs had had ample opportunity to run around, they settled down for a little "nap" too...well, as much as they ever "settle down". 

These guys live in a pasture across the street from the park. I love mules. I just think they are cute. If Albert weren't a dog, he'd be a mule... big ears and stubborn, to boot! Yup, just like a mule. Haha.

Doesn't this guy look like Eeyore?

Hmmm...a little tooth brushing wouldn't hurt. Notice the carrot juice on his lower lip, or maybe you didn't really want to know that. 

Hello Baby. Watcha doin' tonight?

Ahhh...a lovely Sunday. And, of course, I have to enjoy the flowers for as long as I can, since summer isn't going to be around too much longer.


Susan Anderson said...

Thanks for taking us with you. That was fun!


Anonymous said...

I think your dog followed me on my walk last night about 8:30pm. let me know if he didn't make it home!
Gina Harper 0292

anitamombanita said...

Gina, thanks for the note, but nope, not one of ours. They were at home on the couch with us. ;)

Are the mules yours?