Saturday, March 19, 2011

The curtain parted...*

It's Saturday. That means it's time for Saturday Centus. My thoughts were more on spending time with my family while they are visiting. We decided to go for a little walk so the boys could play in the snow some more, since it's a new experience for them. We drove to a spot I have been several times and have enjoyed photographing.

With winter winding down, the landscape looked quite different than before. It was like going to a theater expecting to see one movie and being presented with another. *The curtain parted and what had been soft and bright and white had been taken over by a tangle of trees and branches and exposed dirt. It was still pretty in its own way, more so, perhaps, because I know what it will look like in the weeks and months to come when spring finally arrives.

Nonetheless, it turned out to be cold and windy, so our walk was short lived. The boys did get to see snowflakes falling from the sky, though, for the first time, so it made the drive worthwhile.  And when we got back to the house, they found plenty to do to amuse themselves (and me).


Susan Anderson said...

It doesn't get much better than that, does it?


Pam said...

Oh my, you have the most beautiful little grandsons ever. Hope you all have a wonderful visit!