Friday, March 4, 2011


Today was the day I was going to focus and hunker down to work on getting all my tax info put together. I got up early and was ready to do just that. But then I looked out the window and realized that the last storm was truly over and the sun was going to shine. And that's when my resolve started to fail and procrastination, that old evil bugger, started to creep in (actually just burst through the door that had been left open to let the dogs play out on the deck!). Mr. P got a full-on embossed invitation when Robb suggested that we go skiing since there would be fresh snow and sunny skies... "oh, honey, we'll just go for a few runs and then you can come home and work on your taxes, OK?!" "Come on in, Mr. Procrastination! Stay awhile, why don't you?"

The sun shone brightly. The dogs played on the deck, racing and chasing each other back and forth. When they were all tuckered out, we brought them in, donned our ski apparel and hit the door.

I must say, it was a glorious day. And the taxes, well, they'll just have to wait until tomorrow (which, by the way, is supposed to be snowing and cold).

Oh, and the dogs had a lovely day playing outside. As you can see, little Albert pretty much wore himself out. And Jake is always happy for a nap anywhere near Robb's feet.

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Susan Anderson said...

I think you've got your priorities just right.

But did you have to mention taxes? Ugh!