Friday, March 11, 2011

A Tragic Day

I love Japan. I have fond memories of the times I have been there and the people I have known who call that beautiful and fascinating country home. My heart goes out to them today. Like many others, I have been riveted to the TV, watching the story unfold.


Pam said...

Just recently learned of your blog from my sweet daughter. Love it!!! Wanted you to know that you're now on my daily blog check list. You are helping to keep us entertained as we travel down the roads. You are an amazing photographer and I am proud to have you in our family. Being the crazy animal lovers that we are, we really enjoy the darling pictures of Jake and Albert; especially the ones of Jake and the Bloodhound and the horse. Thanks for sharing!

Susan Anderson said...

Dave's bank is owned by the Japanese, and the parent is headquartered in Tokyo. It is hard to imagine an earthquake of this proportion, and watching the tsunami was like a horror movie.

All the world is feeling for Japan, and I can't imagine how many prayers are being sent their way.

Mine are among them.


anitamombanita said...

Thanks, Pam. Not sure who your daughter is, but thanks to her also! Have a great day.