Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Did I Say That?

Did I say that I was boycotting snow - photographically speaking, that is? I did throw in the caveat that if it was glowing pink or there was some naturally formed ice sculpture, etc etc etc. And besides, for at least a little while, without photographing snow, there might be no photos at all... 

So, I woke up to this view this morning... hard to pass it up...it WAS glowing pale pink...

 I wonder who came to visit in the night... there were fresh footprints on all sides of the house...must have been a busy night for someone! If there was a party, we slept through it.

The forecast is for temps in the upper 60s by end of the week... I can hardly believe it and hardly wait.

The dogs, I think, are with me...although they don't seem to mind the cold. And frankly, digging in snow is better than digging in mud, from my perspective. 

 And remember I DID say, I'd end my "boycott" if there was a good ice sculpture?

I'm so so ready for a change of season. Having said that, I  love this place with its constant changes in light and all its natural beauty.

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Susan Anderson said...

Those upper 60s are gonna seem like the dead of summer! Sunbathing weather!!