Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boys and Bread

My step-son, Luke, had his wisdom teeth removed today. I'm not usually squeamish but for some reason the idea made me cringe. Maybe because my sweet husband was describing to me in detail the sounds he recalls from having had his pulled years earlier. 

Things seemed to go well for Luke. He was a little loopy, but feeling relatively fine otherwise. His friend, Stefan, was great moral support. 

On a totally separate tangent, I decided to bake bread today. I love bread. It doesn't love me. Oh well. It leaves the house smelling good and makes people happy. Must be a good thing.


Nikki Nichols said...

You are amazing... Now I want to make bread especially since it is kind of a cold day! I have never made bread though beside banana bread, pumpkin bread etc... I will let you know! How did you make it so beautifuL!!!??

Susan Anderson said...

I've always wanted to know how to make that kind of bread. Sometimes we buy it at Safeway. LOVE IT, and so do my kids.


anitamombanita said...

It's easy! Find an easy white bread or sweet bread recipe...mix, knead, rise, punch down, separate into four pieces, roll into "tubes", braid,let it rise again, bake, brush with a tiny bit of melted butter, slice and ENJOY!! Yum. Your house will smell MARVELOUS! (or "cheat" and use frozen/refrigerator dinner roll dough or a mix...that works too! It's all good).

Brig said...

I stink at making bread! It's always dense. I know that means I have too much flour, but I just can never get it right. Yours is so pretty!

This is steph by the way. :)