Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Perfect Day for a Call

The morning couldn't have been much prettier. Although the thermostat still read 30 degrees, it didn't feel that cold and it was perfect for taking the dogs for a walk. They romped and played while Robb and I photographed.

Overhead, pelicans spiraled upward on their journey over the mountains to the Great Salt Lake.

When we returned home, it was time to go to the post office. Luke's friend, Stefan, came along for moral support.


Drum roll please...the box was opened.

The letter was there.

Friends came to lend support and to hear what the letter would say. Even the dogs seemed eager to know what was going to happen.

And then finally....what we'd all been waiting for... the call.

Edmonton, Canada. 
About as far north as you can go in N. America and still find people. 
Congratulations, Luke. You'll be a terrific missionary. 

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Susan Anderson said...

Such a cool mission!