Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Buddies and Hints of Spring

We have a house full of Easter Buddies. Yes, we have a bunny too. Thump's his name. He's not the Easter bunny, but he is an Easter Buddy - buddy to Jake and Albert. They're also not Easter bunnies, although someone thought it would be funny to make them dress up as if they were...

Thump: This is an Easter basket?! Some dentist is going to be very happy.

Are you kidding me? Rabbits actually wear these things? No self-respecting rabbit would ever be seen looking like this.

Can't a rabbit just be a rabbit?
Albert and Jake trying to understand the nuances of proper bunny behavior.

Jake: Oh, Mom...these are ridiculous. Do we have to wear them?

 ...perfecting their bunny hops.

Apart from signs that Easter bunny preparations are going on, there are other hints of the rivers and streams practically bursting at the seams from the snow melt. This is Horseshoe Bend in Weber Canyon, a place that caused early Mormon settlers to have to turn around and go further south to enter the Great Salt Lake Valley.

Apparently there's a saying here - "if you don't like the weather in Utah, wait five minutes and it will change". The day started out beautiful, albeit cold (near freezing). While we were walking along the river, it started to snow... I still am not sure that spring will ever arrive.

 But just a couple hours later, the sun was out again, and while still cold, the day was definitely looking spring-like.

Apparently this dog thought so too.


Sometimes the weather makes me crazy, but I love the raw beauty of this place.


Sarah Haynie said...

Loved reading your blog today. I truly loved the pics of Utah. I miss the beauty of the land but not the weather. Love sunny California. Love your bunnies!

Susan Anderson said...

It really is amazing country that surrounds you! And the hippity-hopping dogs are a crack-up with those bunny ears.


Unknown said...

Love the bunny ears! We tried putting reindeer antlers on Sarah & Jake once (our pampered Ragdoll cats) and they just laid down and played dead until we took them off. That was the last of that. Jake, Albert & Thump look like much better sports!

Anonymous said...

I'm betting there are two little Scotties with bellies full of cookies running aroung :)


Vern said...

Good grief - those bunny ears? Classic.

Brig said...

Thats adorable!