Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grand Finales and New Beginnings

Yesterday was the last day of the ski season for us. It's been fun and we've thoroughly enjoyed it. Between the three of us, we've clocked 80+ days (Luke), 25 days (Robb) and 23 days (me). As you can tell, Luke barely wasted a day, pretty much skiing every day but Sundays. Neither did Robb or I, but we got a late start since we were still working on finishing the house up until mid-January.

I'm grateful that our last day on the slopes was one of the best. There had been a sprinkling of new snow the day before. The sun was out and sky was blue, but the temperatures stayed cold enough that the conditions were near perfect.

And better yet, as we said goodbye to ski season, we also said hello to motorcycle (and bike riding and hiking and other warmer outdoor activities) season. We hopped on Robb's motorcycle just to take it for a spin. Yes, it was chilly, but it was fun to get out and know that spring really is coming. We rode up to Brigham City to see how the new temple was progressing - it's coming along.

I love the old tabernacle that sits across the street from the temple site. 

From there we zipped up the road to Mantua and took a look around the tiny town. Sorry, no photos. Hard to shoot from the back of a moving bike.

I look forward to visiting that temple again...when it's finished.

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Susan Anderson said...

Interesting treatment of these photos. What is that?