Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Forces of Nature

Another storm was forecast for today, albeit a small storm. To me, it was still a storm, not my much longed-for spring weather. Rather than sit around the house feeling cooped up, we decided to go to Salt Lake to run a few errands and go to the art museum at the University of Utah.

With all the snow that has fallen and then the intermittent warming, the rivers and streams are running full. There is concern about flooding. Driving down Ogden Canyon, you can see (and hear) the river thundering down the narrow passageway between the steep rock walls. We stopped to take a look...

We saw a pile of fish that had died amongst broken and battered branches. I imagine they met their death at the bend in the river where they were slammed into the submerged bushes. It made me dizzy to stand above the stream as it tumbled and churned below with incredible force.

We didn't check ahead to see what was on exhibit at the museum. We just went. I rarely photograph at museums. I just don't feel the need to take photos of someone else's art. But I have to admit that I enjoyed playing with the textures and shapes of the art today, more than I enjoyed just looking at it.

My "self-portrait"... standing in front of a piece that was an interesting arrangement of mirrors. 

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Susan Anderson said...

Looks like a great day with some really interesting photos.