Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How Many Rocks Could a Rock Chuck Chuck...

OK, I'd never even heard of a rock chuck until today. We were on our way to see the Carl Bloch exhibit at Brigham University when I swore I saw a beaver sunbathing on a pile of rocks at the side of the road. We made a quick u-turn to get a closer look. Sure enough there was a cute little critter stretched out on a large rock soaking up a little spring warmth. It was about the size of a small dog. Not a beaver, but a rock chuck.

It was a gorgeous day - warm (OK, not by California standards...but I had on flip-flops), blue sky, no rain. So we were a bit surprised when we passed through a light snow flurry in the mountains. I guess I should know by now not to be surprised by anything weather related in Utah.

The rivers and streams are still running full and there are still flood watches in place as the snow continues to melt. We stopped along the Weber River and climbed up on a railroad trestle to take a look on the way home. 

The setting sun shone pink on the peaks and clouds as we neared home. 

And a few wild turkeys enjoyed the last of the spring day. 


Susan Anderson said...


And I'm coveting the Carl Bloch exhibit visit.


VK said...

So cool to see a Beaver. They are both hard to spot and not usually close to humans, so that is fun indeed.
Beautiful pictures. Love the tracks.