Monday, May 23, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig...

We were talking with friends last night. There seems to be pretty widespread agreement that the worst part of going on vacation is just before and just after. Today is "just after".

Pick up dogs and rabbit from their respective "vacation spots". Check.
Wash dogs. Check.
Unpack. Partial check.
Do laundry. Check. Check. Check.

Fight with PC computer. F*@#^@#($*&***. Check...all day long. Grrr.
Prepare photos for exhibit. Partial check.(See fight with computer, above).
Take new MAC computer out of box and set it up. Check. (With huge grin).

Download new software onto new computer. Partial check...still downloading.
Go outside and notice that everything is a lot greener than it was when we left. CHECK!!!!

Post new entry on blog. Check.
Smile. Check.


Susan Anderson said...

Comment. Check.


PS. You're having an exhibit? Cool. Where is it going to be?

KinseyBug said...

I totally agree, I hate the packing and unpacking (mostly the unpacking part:) love you!