Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jake and Albert

While we were in Hawaii, Jake and Albert had a little "vacation" of their own. The idea of boarding our animals in a kennel doesn't sit well with either of us. But we discovered DogMode in Salt Lake, which is more like a doggie spa than a kennel. I suspect that Jake and Albert probably felt like they were getting sent off to camp. All day long each day for two weeks they got to run and play with 20-30 other dogs in a big open room the size of a full-on basketball court. Did I mention that the dogs were almost all BIG dogs, too?

We tuned in each day to check on them on the web cam. It was fun to see them hanging out with the big dogs - retrievers, collies, St. Bernards, etc. They were pretty much the only small dogs, but they didn't seem to know that. Jake happily went about making friends with everyone, and Albert just followed Jake. Every time we logged in, there they were, either side by side, or Albert right behind Jake.

They were thoroughly exhausted when we picked them up. A good scrub and the comfort and quiet of their own beds at home were much appreciated. They could both use haircuts, but it'll wait.

And now that the snow is gone, there are so many new smells and things to explore right in their own back yard. It's good to have our little friends back with us.







Susan Anderson said...

It would have been fun to see them cavorting with all the big dawgs.


Anonymous said...

I'm super picky with kennels as well. We often use in home care.