Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Legacy of Heroes*

The legacy of heroes* is the peace, safety and security we enjoy, the ability to be who we are and to express our discontent as easily as our gratitude, the creative freedom that results in prosperity beyond measure, and many more incredible blessings that come with living in this country. The legacy of heroes requires incredible sacrifice, love, commitment, pain, suffering, loyalty, devotion and many more things that we too often take for granted.

It should never be reduced to flags blowing in the wind or mere words on a crumbling headstone or faded memories of another time and certainly not complacency on our part.

Let us remember those who have made so much possible for each of us and have asked for so little in return. Let them not be forgotten like the flowers left at the graveside. May God bless every man and woman who serves our nation, and the families and loved ones who wait patiently while they do.

May we celebrate the legacy of heroes as if every day were Memorial Day.

*Saturday Centus

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