Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Tribute to Mothers

It's Mother's Day. I'm grateful for my own mother and the things she did for me, although I have to admit that I didn't always feel that way. We didn't have a great relationship as I was growing up - lots of mother-daughter struggles, sometimes in epic proportions. But as she and I both grew older, I came to appreciate who she was and what her life was like. She passed away two years ago, tomorrow. In the end,  I came to love her and I let her know. When she departed, she and I had both made peace with each other and were OK to move on.

I'm grateful for the many other mothers in my life, too. They have all been friends, supporters, encouragers, and examples to me in countless ways. Here are just a few -
My daughter, Shauna, who is kind, patient, devoted and tireless as a mother to my two adorable and energetic grandsons.
My friend, Kathryn, who sometimes seems like she is mom to all.
My friend, Terilyn, who exemplifies patience, service, kindness and goodness.
My friend, Kathy, who is one of the most creative, organized, fun, and hardworking people I know - I think of her as mother to much of the beauty in my home.
My friends, Cathy and Tanya, who I rarely see, but who were both fine stand-in moms to Shauna when I was busy being a single mom.
My mother-in-law, Beth, otherwise known as Granny, who is sweet, funny, cute and helped shape my sweet husband into the person he is.
My friend, Annette, who is mother to a couple of kids who I have on occasion claimed as my own.

And many more of you whom I love even if you're not listed here. Happy Mother's Day to you all. You have all enriched my life and I thank you for it.


Susan Anderson said...

Great women!

And I love that photo of you with your mom.


Sarah Walton said...

Happy Mother's Day Anita! Thank you for all the sweet comments you always leave on my blog . . . I love hearing from you!!! Looks like you are doing fabulous out there in Utah!