Saturday, July 23, 2011

Before I Die*...

If I were Amy Winehouse I might reconsider saying "Yes yes yes" to rehab before I die*. The only thing I'm stunned about are the reporters who are saying they're stunned that she's dead. Sorry. It's not that I'm unsympathetic. It's more that I think it's very sad and a huge waste of a good human life, but the last thing I am is stunned. What part of "if you do drugs you're likely to die" don't people get?

Had her death not hit the news today, I might have said "Before I die*, I want to finish construction on our home". That statement is true, but hopefully it'll be done LONG before I die. Sometimes it seems that we live in an endless construction project, but I can't really complain. The work is coming along nicely.

(Our carpenter brought his boys along today...I think they would have preferred to be up on the beams with their dad, rather than watching from the ground). 

My step-daughter and her husband came to visit with their yellow lab, Blue. Jake and Albert were happy to see Blue (Jake, especially...) and they tried to teach her how to play fetch properly. She didn't quite catch on (or maybe she did and decided that she'd just relax while the little scottie dogs did all the work). The scottie boys had fun and were thoroughly exhausted by the time everyone went home again.

 (Oh treats! Does someone have treats for US!?)

Happily, I'm not thinking much about death these days. The reality is that before I die*, there are LOTS to things to do...of all kinds. Long may we live!

*another Saturday which means another Saturday Centus!

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Susan Anderson said...

Sad about Amy Winehouse. And her disease.

Glad that particular kind of death hasn't touched my life.