Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clean Bill of Health

Men are funny. Not to generalize, even if it is true...but let's face it, most men hate going to the doctor, and my husband is no exception. But he knows I'm interested in his well-being, so he agreed to get a physical and a colonoscopy. It was all good news, and so here he is in his post-colonoscopy drug induced happy dream state. He won't be thrilled that I posted this, but hey, at least we're not posting the photos of his colon on Facebook for all the world to see...

And for any of you "cowards" out there, he, like many others before him, will tell you that the worst part is the prep. The rest is a cakewalk, especially with the help of wonderful sleep inducing drugs. It's so worth it for the peace of mind of knowing that you are healthy.

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Susan Anderson said...

I'm not fond of 'em, but I do get them!