Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rest in Peace, Sweet Samson

My daughter's 13 year old yellow lab, Samson, quietly passed away this week. He was a sweet dog and a good friend, a regular member of her lively little family. I remember when she got him as a young puppy. He had a square jaw and a short muzzle, a perfect face. He had the most soulful deep eyes...and he was ALL puppy. He was a typical lab puppy, taking at least a full two years to outgrow his puppy-ness. And then he became a steady friend, calm, peaceful, patient and loyal.

Even in his advanced years, he would happily greet any welcome visitor. And then, having checked you out to make sure you were in fact welcome, he'd retreat to some spot on the periphery where he could just quietly observe.

He seemed secure in his relationship with my daughter, and therefore easily accepted the changes that occurred in his life. First, Delilah, the mutt that my daughter rescued from the streets of Los Angeles. Later, her husband came into the picture. And then, when my first grandson arrived on the scene, he treated the baby with curiosity and acceptance, and the respect he automatically knew he was to give. As in times before, he just took it in stride when this active little addition to the family moved in to share his space and his people.

Samson was an integral part of the family and he was deeply loved. Farewell, sweet Sammy. You will be missed.

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Susan Anderson said...

It's always so hard to say good-bye to a beloved pet. Sounds like he was a great and loyal friend to them all.