Friday, July 15, 2011

Too Much Fun to Blog

We went for a spur-of-the-moment, barely planned camping trip to Yellowstone and surrounding area. The best kind, in my mind (although my husband, I'm sure, will wonder if someone else wrote this when he reads it...I like to do at least a little planning, so I always grumble beforehand and then have a great time in spite of myself).

We got rained on, slept in the truck with the dogs, never showered or changed clothes the entire time, barely spent money on anything except to renew our annual national park pass and had a blast.

First night camping along Moose Creek outside Island Park and near the Yellowstone border. It poured and mosquitos swarmed. The dogs loved running through the wet grass. 

 Jake got brave and decided to follow the bolder Albert's lead crossing the stream on a log. Jake fell in. Albert didn't. 

Shelter from the storm and citronella for the bugs. Pretty cushy camping...especially since they ended up sleeping inside the truck along with us.

Oh, so many things to see. 

 Apparently the gulls can't read the NO PARKING sign.

Albert eagerly watches as Jake chases butterflies and refuses to get back in the truck.

 He was loping down the road as if he owned it when we passed. This fox, like a typical dog, took one look at Jake and Albert hanging out the window to see him, walked over to mark a bush and then went on his merry way.

We floated down Big Springs in the canoe. It was beautiful and serene...other than when Albert went in head first. Thank goodness for life vests... and no, I don't have a photo of his feet sticking straight up out of the water, but I wish I did.

Yellowstone was incredible. I can't believe I'd never been before. I stopped trying to photograph everything since I felt like I was doing a drive-by shooting... I forgot that vacation means just that - vacation, even from making photos.

 We stopped to look at Fire Hole Falls, and Albert spotted a chipmunk. He had to be constrained with mighty force to not do what he was bred to do, which is chase small critters. 

 Old Faithful faithfully (and conveniently) spouted off less than 5 minutes after our arrival. Thank you, because I wouldn't have wanted to stand amidst the large-ish summer crowd waiting for it.

 I loved the painted mud pots. 

As we were searching for a place to camp for the night we spotted this flock of pelicans floating down the river. They would bob for food and come up in unison. It was a bit of a ballet.

 More cushy camping after a busy adventure filled day. 

Passed through Teton National Park on the way home. Simply majestic.

On the way home, we swung by the cabin my husband built. It's in the heart of Idaho farmland. Life is different there. Being there gives me new perspective on the political divide that exists in our country. The "rules" of the city don't make sense in the country, nor visa versa. There needs to be more time spent on understanding one another's perspectives instead of imposing our own individual wills on people we don't even know...and that goes both directions. 

 Boon, saying hello to Jake and Albert. Boon is a slobbery blood hound who lives nearby. He smelled like skunk and drooled all over the side of the door but is cute as can be.

One final stop - Tony's Grove in Logan Canyon. The dogs played tug of war with their leashes ... we've had to replace them too many times already. 

 More tug of war...and yes, July!

And on the last stretch, only minutes from home... a young moose trotted up the road ahead of us. He was super cute with gangly legs and huge feet ... Hard to get a sharp photo on a bumpy dirt road. But then, it's not always about the photo, is it?


Susan Anderson said...

What a great time! Gorgeous views, too.


PS. Did the citronella work?

Danielle said...

Looks like you had an amazing time! Such trips always seem to turn out being so enjoyable since you have no expectations to begin with! Thank you for sharing your photos!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect happy life you give those puppies.