Friday, July 1, 2011

Spur of the Moment

There's something quite amazing about being able to live life on the spur of the moment. It hasn't always been like that, and even now, I suppose I'm kidding myself if I think it's like that all the time. But, there are definitely times when it's possible and if we give in to it, it's downright cool.

We hopped in the truck yesterday morning and headed for the cabin in the mountains of Idaho that my husband built from scratch several years ago. With winter finally having given way to summer (no spring), it was time to go and reclaim the cabin from the critters that had taken up residence against the cold.

We stopped at a small antique shop along the way...always many treasures to be found (I don't want any of them, but they're fun to photograph).

The cabin is in a remote electricity, running water or other amenities. It's beautiful and peaceful. The air smells fresh. You can tell immediately that building it was a labor of love. Even the dogs loved being there. The hubby cleaned, while I sat and read and dinked around photographing wildflowers and things still wet from the summer rain storm that blew through just after we arrived.

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