Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Afternoon: A Dog's World

On a lighter note, I haven't posted any puppy photos for a week or so...which seems like a long time to me because they are always up to something entertaining. As I've said before, I could easily have a separate blog, dedicated just to those funny boys.

Albert, who was very ill while we were in California, seems to be completely recovered and spunkier than ever. See for yourself.  The two of them rough-housed on the deck this afternoon. There were plenty of snarls and growls, white teeth flashing, running that sounded like a thundering herd of buffalo... and then a shared drink of cool water and chill time in "Daddy's" arms.

Jake on top.
Albert on top.

Snarls (all in good fun... honest).

A quick time out to catch their breaths.

More teeth flashing.

All ending with a shared drink of cool water...


...and tongues hanging in exhaustion.



Susan Anderson said...

They really are a riot. They remind me of how Ryan and Todd used to be.


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Precious babes!!

Anonymous said...

Oh those silly boys


The other A. in the family (AES)! said...

I'm so happy you have dogs again! It's so nice having faithful, ever-entertaining furry friends in one's life. ;-D